Introduction to my work

I seek intimate relationships with impersonal structures. The systems I choose to work with—such as police, secret services, CCTV, and forensic identification, function at a distance, with a wide-angle perspective, equalizing everyone and erasing the individual. I seek the potential softness and intimacy of their technologies, the fallacy of their omniscient point of view, the ways in which they hold memory (yet often cease to remember), their engrained position in society (the cause of their invisibility), their authority, their apparent intangibility— and, with all of this, their potential reversibility.

Books by Jill Magid

Failed States, Non-fiction novel, In Progress
Excerpt from Failed States, Printed in Modern Painters, Summer 2011. Download pdf
Excerpt from Failed States, Printed in OPEN magazine, Issue 22 , Netherlands. Download pdf

Becoming Tarden ©2010
The redacted paperback edition. 184 pages. 1250 copies. Redacted by the Dutch secret service.
Printed with support from The New Museum, New York.

Becoming Tarden ©2009
The complete and unredacted edition.186 pages. Edition of 1. The body of the book was confiscated by the Dutch government from the Tate Modern, London on January 4 2010
Link to Becoming Tarden book website , with introduction and excerpts.
Link to Becoming Tarden book website , Epilogue and Prologue.

Lincoln Ocean Victor Eddy ©2007
Edition of 800 copies. 64 pages. Printed with support from the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council.
Excerpt from L.O.V.E, Printed in The Brooklyn Rail. Link to excerpt

One Cycle of Memory in the City of L ©2004
1st Edition of 500 copies. 80 pages. Printed by FACT Liverpool for the Liverpool Biennial International '04. SOLD OUT.
2nd Edition AVAILABLE, printed with support ofthe Incheon Woman's Biennial, 2011.
Sign on to above link as a witness to receive the book in 31 installments via email.

Short Texts by Jill Magid

Theology of Mirrors
Seduction as Strategy
MIT Thesis

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